Bond. James Bond.


This is the final piece that was sort of created in the end. I don’t know how much it works in terms of communication, but nonetheless I decided to take a chance and experiment a bit with the elements.

Radial Viz
We are familiar with radial visualisations, all sorts of them. The two things that I chose to do here were:

1. The radial visualisation was taken a notch up to spiral visualisation. James Bond movies have a classic gun graphic opening that lends itself to an interesting experimentation element. I changed the crop to a circle rather than a rectangle, because it works better for visualisation purposes. But, a crop inside the circular unit would look recognisable:

2. The scale. Many a times I have seen examples of varying scales on the same unit. To give you an example you can look at Ben’s work here. Same circular element hosts different scales. So, here I have made use of different scales in the same unit. The different scales are separated by some negative space to help grasp them better.

With great..great effort, this is the best I could do with the key, but I personally think the key can be designed better. Hopefully, it explains what it should!

The data used in the piece can be found here:

Bond. James Bond.

4 thoughts on “Bond. James Bond.

  1. Great to read about your design and decision process, and really interesting to see how others have tackled the challenge ahead of the announcements. I notice you have used absolute figures, perhaps an average per movie would be more revealing. Moore may have kissed more girls than Connery but Connery kisses more per movie. The spiral design is certainly new to my eyes and carries the theme well. It doesn’t seem like it should work as well as it does but I find it is surprisingly easy to make comparisons between charts, due to the colours and visable increments you have used I’m sure. I notice you have used different line lengths for technology innovation which looks like it is trying to communicate something, but I expect this is just a result of different lengths of movie title.

    I think its a really strong infographic which communicates a lot of information in a fun way and very much on brief for an information is beautiful competition. You have inspired me do a similar post which I will put up on my blog later on my effort. Thanks for the mention in the article as well! Best of luck with the contest.

    1. Thank you Ben for your feedback. I did struggle between the absolute and average figures, but then I figured the average can be concluded by dividing the absolute values with the number of movies they did (thanks to the light data).

      Yes, i agree the lines make you feel there is something in the lengths..but they are essentially equally spaced from the movie names (will think about that in the future)

      Do let me know when you finish the post! always a pleasure to look at your work 🙂

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