Hello to all!

Here is yet another attempt by me at blogging. Well, this time it’s on a more focused subject, something Ive grown really passionate about in the past few years. I am hoping that this time this blog will be my learning medium, not only by sharing my work but also by listening to what the readers have to say.


Subject: Fun colorful (cant guarantee) images, visualising some quirky, random personal life data and data specific to India (I am an Indian so it makes sense :P) in bits and pieces..

Inspiration: There is so much inspiration out there that it will be hard to write it all down here. Althoughhhh! I think I can source my inspiration for my work in each post as they come along.

Interaction: People out there! If you stumble on this blog and have something to say about the work…JUST DO IT! Please!! If its awesome I would LOVEEEEE to know and if it’s not so awesome I still would LOVE (not bold though) to know. Comments, suggestions, questions everything and anything is welcome. I am looking forward to the avenue and possibilities out there when it comes to this field.

Tools: I am hoping to use many tools as this comes along. So, as and when I finish something, I shall list the tools I used to come up with it. You can recommend some tools too.

So, without giving you much more to read, I shall post my first project soon! and hopefully I can stay regular with my posts :O


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